I'm a Graphic Designer


I’m Mansoureh Rahmanibaigi, a creative graphic designer living in Germany. Since I was young, I’ve loved how design can express ideas and emotions. Design is more than a job to me; it’s a way to use my imagination and create new things. I enjoy trying new techniques and finding unique solutions to design challenges. Let’s work together and bring your creative ideas to life!

Educational Background :

Master of Arts in Expanded Media

I graduated with a Master of Arts in Expanded Media from Hochschule Darmstadt, where I studied how immersive technology, digital art, and social medias come together. Through hands-on projects, I refined my storytelling skills and discovered innovative methods to design interactive events and experiences. I graduated with a grade of 1.11.

Master of Arts in Directing Animation

I hold a Master of Arts in Directing Animation, graduating from Sooreh University with an exceptional average score of 18.61/20. It covered character design, storyboarding, 3D modeling, and animation techniques. Through hands-on projects and theoretical study, I became skilled in using animation to bring characters and stories to life.

Bachelor of Graphic Design

My Bachelor of Graphic Design provided a comprehensive education in visual communication, typography, and branding. Through coursework and projects, I honed skills in digital design tools and concept development, preparing me for effective message conveyance through visual mediums.

what I can do.

Unleash your vision with creativity.

As a senior graphic designer, I am dedicated to becoming more innovative and creative. With years of experience in advertising campaigns, I work hard to understand clients and their projects, even when their vision isn’t clear. Let’s collaborate to bring your ideas to life in exciting and imaginative ways.

What I bring to the table.

Besides being skilled in Adobe programs, I have a deep understanding of visual arts. I see myself as an artist, not just a user of graphic software. My skills include composition, story telling, color theory, printing technology, digital painting, 3D modeling, VR and AR design, UI/UX principles, industrial design, animation, and graphic motion. This diverse skill set allows me to create immersive, user-centered designs that push boundaries and captivate audiences.

I can help.

I’m currently available for freelance work.

If you have a project that you want to start, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch.